Excel English School – Prueba de Nivel

Choose the best answer

1. ... your name?


2. ... old are you?


3. ...

I’m 17 years oldI’ve 17 years oldI are 17 years oldI’ve 17 years

4. This is ... interesting book


5. ...

They’re beautiful girlsThey’re girls beautifulThey’re beautifuls girlsThey’re girls beautifuls

6. John and I ... English

we areareweam

7. ...

I’ve coldI has coldI are coldI’m cold

8. ... Italian?

You areIs youYouAre you

9. There ... ten students in the class


10. Is this your pen?

No, notNo, isn’tNo, it isn’tNo, this isn’t

11. She’s a student...brother’s a teacher


12. We’re Swedish ... names are Tomas and Karl


13. Give it to...


14. Show .... the photographs


15. What's ... name of this book?


16. ... a bicycle?

You haveHas youHave you gotYou've got

17. Peter ... a tennis racket

hasn't gothaven'tnot hashaven't got

18. Has Anna got a boyfriend?

No, she hasn'tNo, she hasn't gotNo, she haven'tNo, she not

19. ...

He no can speak SpanishHe can't speaks SpanishHe can't to speak SpanishHe can't speak Spanish

20. ...on the right in Britain

You mustn't to driveYou not must driveYou mustn't drivingYou mustn't drive

21. Whose desk is this?

It’s of RobertIt's RobertIt's Robert'sIt's to Robert

22. ...

You he likesHe likes youHe you likesYou likes he

23. I speak two languages, David only...English

speakdoes speakdo speakspeaks

24. Does Michelle like John?

No, she notNo, she doesn'tNo, she don'tNo, she doesn't like

25. ...

He don't smokeHe not smokeHe doesn't smokesHe doesn't smoke

26. ...

What means this word?What does mean this word?What does this word mean?What is this word mean?

27. Walk!

Run notNot runDon't runNo run

28. Listen! I ... to you

am talkingtalkdo talkam talk

29. We can't go out now ...

It rainsIt's rainingIt rainIt raining

30. ...

Come at nine o'clock in FridayCome on nine o'clock on FridayCome at nine o'clock on FridayCome at nine o'clock at Friday

31. Do you go ... school by bus?


32. ...

What you are doing?What's you doing?What are you doing?What are you do?

33. She usually ... to bed about 11.30

gois goingdoes gogoes

34. ... people over there are German


35. Come and look at ... photograph


36. How many chairs are there?

There are fiveThere is fiveIt's fiveThey are five

37. ... five people in my family

There areThey areIt isThere is

38. I haven't got ... money


39. There is ... sugar in this coffee

a lot ofmuchmanya lot

40. How much money have you got?

MuchNot muchA lot ofNot many

41. There are ... people here already

a fewa littlemucha lot

42. ... late this morning?

Were youWas youYou wereYou was

43. Was she at school yesterday?

No, she weren'tNo, she wasn'tNo, she notNo, wasn't

44. Were there many people at the party?

Yes, there wereYes, they wereYes, it wasYes, there was

45. How long ... ?

waited hedid he waitedhe waiteddid he wait

46. Did Tim and Mark win the match?

No, they notNo, they didNo, they didn'tNo, they don't

47. Sarah ... out last night

didn't wentdidn't goesdidn't gono went

48. Why ... to your party?

they not comethey didn't comedidn't they comenot they came

49. ... to a disco last night?

Went youDid you goDid you wentYou go

50. I came to England ... English

for learningfor to learnto learnto learning

51. ...

I never go to bed before tenI go never to bed before tenNever I go to bed before tenI go to bed before ten never

52. She's ... than me

more oldoldermore oldermost old

53. He's ... at tennis than football

more goodbetterbestmore better

54. English is ... than Spain.

expensivermore expensivermore expensivethe more expensive

55. It was ... day of the summer

the hottestthe most hotthe most hottesthottest

56. You are not ... me

as tall thanas taller astall asas tall as

57. I ... television this evening

am going to watchwatchingwatchgo to watch

58. ...

What time is the train going to leave?what time the train is going to leave?What time is going to leave the train?What time going to leave is the train?

59. I enjoy ... early.

to get upgetting upto getting upget up

60. ...

You will come with me tomorrow?Do you come with me tomorrow?Come you with me tomorrow?Will you come with me tomorrow?

61. Oh no! ... my key

I lostI've lostI'm lostI've lose

62. ...

Where they have gone?Where have they gone?Where have they went?Where have they go?

63. ...

I've never be to America.I never been to America.I've never been to America.I never was to America.

64. ...

They didn't arrive yet.They haven't arrive yetThey hasn't arrived yet.They haven't arrived yet.

65. He ... school last June.

lefthas leftdid leavehas leave

66. I ... in England since 20th May

wasambeenhave been

67. We ... to the cinema yesterday.

werewenthave gonehave been

68. ... English since I was twelve.

I'm learningI've learnedI learnI've learning

69. I spoke to a girl ... was from Barcelona.


70. We went to a disco ... was open till 4am.


71. I was in England ... two weeks.


72. When I looked out of the window ...

it was raining.it were raining.it rained

73. What ... at ten o'clock when I phoned?

did you doyou were doingwere you doingdid you

74. ... a bath when I opened the door.

he hadhe has hadhe's havinghe was having

75. I ... home when the party was over.

was drivingdrivedrovehave driven

76. He left without ... goodbye.

to saysaysayingsaid

77. I don't mind ...

waiting.wait.to wait.that I wait.

78. Did you ... yesterday afternoon?

go shopwent shoppinggo to shopgo shopping

79. He speaks English ...

good but slow.well but slow.good but slowly.well but slowly.

80. ...

I come if you pay for me.I'll come if you pay for me.I'll come if you paid for me.I come if you'll pay for me.

81. I like this record.

So do I.So am I.So I like.So I do.

82. I don't want to go.

Neither he does.Neither does he want.Neither does he.So does he.

83. You don't like me ...

do you?are you?don't you?aren't you?

84. He eats a lot ...

don't he?he doeshe doesn'tdoesn't he?

85. They went to London,

don’t they?weren't they?aren't they?didn't they?

86. You ... speak perfect English to the job.

don't have tomustn'tdon't havenot have

87. English ... all over the world.

are spokenis spokenis spokeis speaking.

88. ...

Where was these made?Where was these make?Where were these made?Where these were made?

89. This fact ... by many people.

are not knownnot is knownis not knownis not knowing

90. My bike ...

have been stolen.has stolen.has been stole.has been stolen.

91. The match ... on Saturday.

is going to playis going to be playedis playingis going to be playing

92. ...

If he asked you out, would you go?If he asks you out, would you go?If he asked you out, will you go?If he asked you out, do you do?

93. ...

You'd pass the exam, if you will work harder.You passed the exam, if worked harderYou'll pass the exam, if you would work harder.You'd pass the exam, if you worked harder.

94. Do you think they'll win? Yes I ...

hopehope thathope sohope it

95. Will she pass the exam?

No, I don't think so.No, I don't think it.No, I don't think.No, I not think so.

96. ...this letter for me

I want that you postI want you to postI want you postI want you posting

97. They didn't ask ... to their party.

that I comeme comeme for to comeme to come

98. Didn't I tell ... ?

you shut the dooryou to shut the dooryou the door to shutthat you shut the door

99. There's ... wrong with this pen.


100. I didn't speak to ....


Write a composition:

“Introduce yourself and say why studying English is important for you”

“Explain your last holidays and your plans for your next holidays”